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and watch it snowball! ^_^.

I'm quite pleased to see Matthewians taking initiative to end Matthew's invisibility independent of the project! ^_^. Please check out a new forum started by the very talented Misha...

The iammatthewian Forum

Now that we have voice actors I've started to incorporate other countries to Canada EH! as well. Artists have been totally awesome sending art for Canada and his Provinces and Territories, now I'm quickly realizing that I need art for other countries as well. Lets see, the next 3 Canada EH! Episodes and their tentative titles...

Episode 3: Getting to know Canada... through the eyes of his Province-tans (a.k.a. This is why you should never eat anything BC cooks that promises happiness)

status: Waiting for voices to be completed, is video 5% done

Episode 4: Canada and the Commonwealth... (a.k.a. The evolution of more than 250 years of Canadian passive-agression)

status: Finished script and sent to voice actors, waiting for voices to be completed

Episode 5: The Bonds of Brotherhood (a.k.a. Where Alfred sings an annoying song and Matthew resorts to the "Unspoken Code of the Stick")

status: Script outline in progress.

For Episode 4 and 5, I'll need a couple of line art sketches (in the style of Himaruya-san) centering around England, America, and a bit of Ukraine. If you have any, please send me links! If you're interested in anything scene specific, please e-mail

Also, its a few days early... but my schedule is starting to get really crazy because auditions and rehearsals for the spring theatre season has started... so I figured I might as well post this before I lose the chance:

The iammatthewian Project Remembrance Day tribute: Lest We Forget


And the nominee for the Darwin Awards is...

Ahhhh!!! Sometimes I marvel at the miracle that I'm still alive. I must have done something good in a past life to be forgiven for my random acts of stupidity that obviously is designed by mother nature to cleanse the earth of people carrying the stupid genes. Yes, I've become very in touch and accepting of my God-complex self-centeredness to know that the price for my creative brilliance is that of my common sense. So I've also come to the conclusion that if I ever do decide to get married... thus the growing list of qualifications for my partner:

1. Must be able to defend me agains bears (or at least run slower than me)
2. Must be able to cook.
3. Vocal prowess and musical instrument playing ability an asset
4. Must be able to balance the need to cater to my God complex and know when to give me a good slap on the back of the head to bring me back to reality.
5. Must have a sense of humor leaning towards politics and satire.
6. Must have and equal love for or at least understand my addiction to the theatre.

and finally...

7. Must be employed in the medical profession or at least know advanced first aid.

Yes, once again, I found myself in a situation where I grow very very VERY appreciative of our health care system and is very very happy that Ontario (Toronto's at least) have better run hospitals than Quebec. ^_^.

While  preparing my lunch for work yesterday morning, I had an accident involving bread, a very sharp bread knife, and my left thumb.  And ambulance ride, 8 stiches, and half a bottle of Percocet later (after the aneasthesia wore of)... I'm conscious and pain-free happy enough to appreciate what a lucky person I am, how fascinating the human body really is, and regret that I didn't have the mind to take pictures of my thumb as they were stitching me up. It was so frickin' cool! But alas... as the very awesome ER doctor from Sunnybrook Hospital mournfully told me... my thumb modelling days are over. But man! It's going to be such a cool looking scar! (to match the one on my forehead). 

But going back to the original subject matter... why is it that people can be so wonderfully brilliant on certain things, but can be complete idiots on certain aspects of life that should count? If you give me an idea, within almost an instant, I can come up with a million and one possibilities of what I can do with it. It comes to me simply and naturally like breathing. But when it comes to things that deal with common sense (and survival), I'm like a total dumbass. I'm understanding now why my parents were so worried about me when I moved out (my mom went so far as ask one of her friends, who lives in the same building as me, to look out for me and make sure I'm still alive now an then).

I'm also now thoroughly convinced that I'm one of those people who must not have children at any cost! I mean it'll be a miracle for the spring of my loins to actually be conceived given my survival track record.  (Of course, given my survival track record and seeing how lucky I am, why the hell haven't I won the lottery yet!?!?!!). I think it will be unfair for the possibility of passing on the stupidy gene to my children.

Ah well... I guess that's another requirement for my future partner.

8. Must have a more dominant common-sense gene to overcome my stupidity gene.
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Fanart Challenge

Hi guys!

First off, just a reminder... The iammatthewian Project  first batch of voice auditions will close in Oct. 15, 2009. If you or anyone you know is interested, please post your auditions here:

The iammatthewian Project open call auditions 

I actually managed to convince a panel of people to judge the auditions to make sure that its all impartial. Just having the auditions linked to one place makes it easier for us. RIght now, I'm very pleased and impressed with the auditions that are already in. I'm looking forward to finally start working on the fandramas with real voices!

Next off... Matt's e-mail has been getting fanarts and that is SO AWESOME! Thanks so much for everyone who sent them in! I'll make sure to use them for the show! And I was also thinking that aside from getting these awesome pieces of work to actually bring it one step closer. For people following "Canada EH!" I'm sure you can tell the limitations of having such a limited amount of stock art. So here is a fanart challenge to anyone who has free time and would love to help us out. 

We need "stock" art of Matthew and his Provinces and Territories with different expressions. The stock art has to be preferrably in the style of Himaruya-san's and ctcsherry's sketches. Line art, B&W, inking is optional as long as the art looks like something you would find in Himaruya-san's site.(No deadline for these art)

 If you would like to have a reference to ctcsherry's original Canadian Provinces and Territories characters, please go here:

ctcsherry's Canadian Provinces and Territories-tan

If you would like to have an idea what "Canada EH!" atmosphere looks like (with sherry's art and have an idea what Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario's personalities are in the show's context), it's something like this...

Canada EH! episode 2

I would also like to have a special request art that will be used for the next 2 "Canada EH!" episodes. (Again, sketch or line art preferred)

 1. England talking on the phone with one of the following expressions: uncomfortable, smug, annoyed, angry, sheepish

 2. Canada talking on the phone surprised, puzzled, annoyed, angry, uncomfortable.

 3. Canada sitting upside down on a Chesterfield (non-Canadians, look it up! ^_^.) in deep concentration as if he's talking about something very deep and philosophical.

 4. Manitoba reading fanmail (paper)

 5. Quebec reading fanmail (paper)

 6. Ontario reading fanmail from his laptop.

 7. Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec interacting with each other.

Please send your fanart to

 Also, make sure to put what name you would like us to credit you, as well as your website or dA address that you would like us to link to.

 I'm proud to say that a lot of artists already agreed to let us use fancomics to keep the voice actors busy for a while, but any new comics will be gladly accepted! Please don't be shy in sending them in as well if you have any that you would like to contribute to theproject!

 Looking forward to hearing from you guys!




Stephen sings the Beatles

So one year after Stevie boy dismisses the arts and essentially calls galas a gathering of artsy-fartsy fifi-foofoos where government funding is wasted... (okay, those weren't his exact words, but that's what he essentially meant, and down went his rating in Quebec which is pretty much the centre of arts and culture of Canada...)... we see Stevie jamming a Beatles tune and holding up pretty well with the Yo-yo Ma in a black tie gathering of artsy-fartsy fifi-foofoo gala organized by his wife.

Nice publicity move! For one shining moment, as he basked in the standing ovation onstage, he actually looked human! ^_^.

Well, he's definitely wracking points there and giving Iggy a run for his money in the popularity scale. It was a nice symbolic gesture to finally act as the opposition and try to bring down the Conservative government... but man! Iggy sure has horrible timing. It's really annoying! Somehow, coming around to do this after helping to prop up Stevie for the past 3 years doesn't sound efficient... or sincere.

The Bloc didn't even support him in the non-confidence vote... THE BLOC!

In one way, I'm actually getting part of my wish. We see the Tories, the NDP and the Bloc finally sitting down and working together to make our government work. You know, finally agreeing on which direction their proverbial carpool should  go instead of arguing and backseat driving.

Except Iggy of course... I feel sad for my party. Really Iggy! Get your act together and stop acting like a barking dog chasing its tail.
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The iammatthewian Project Channel is GO!

Bonjour! I hope everyone is doing well!

Just to let you know...

The iammatthewin Project YouTube Channel is finally up and running!

Episode 2 of Canada EH! is out...

And the Open Call auditions for the project's voices has been extended to Oct. 15, 2009. By then, we're hoping that we will have enough in our pool of candidates to determine our main characters at least and start recording the projects we have already lined up! Aside from Sherry's "History of Canada", we acquired permission to fandub a couple of other Canada fancomics. Hopefully we can get working on them as soon as we have our voice actors comfirmed... YAY~~~!

Also, as you can tell from the videos, we are desperate for visuals. Any generous fanartists out there who has fanart about Canada and/or any of Sherry's provinces designs and would be willing to lend the project your stuff, it will be greatly appreciated! Of course, if you have any Canada-centric stuff that you would like to link to the Matt's channel, let us know! We're also looking for more Canada-centric projects (fancomics, fanfics, fansongs... etc).

Talk about seeking reimbursements...

So the Ontario government is suing tobacco companies for $50 Billion CDN in damages for healthcare costs incurred by taxpayers since 1955. I know its really more of a symbolic gesture (and possibly to generate more $$ in legal costs... talk about running in circles inside a hamster wheel!) with the likelihood of going nowhere.

Though if the Ontario government wins this case and makes tobacco companies accountable... huh... just thinking about it makes it feel like my brain is going to explode! Again, this case, if it even goes into trial, is likely going to be another big waste of taxpayer's money... but wow! If in some alternate dimension, there really is justice in the world and social and health issues like this actually go in favour of the people instead of big corporations... it'll be totally monumental! It could be the end of the tobacco industry as we know it! Imagine the individual civil lawsuits that would follow such a presedence?

My mind is totally blown right now...
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If reincarnation really does exist...

... I think I would love to be reincarnated as French.

This isn't meant to look down on the land of my ancestors, the Philippines, or my adopted country, Canada. But there's just something about the French that I find really exciting! Like it or not, majority of the things we westerners enjoy or do today are thanks to the French. From cuisine, to the high ideals of free-thinking and free-speech, to their visionary innovations, to the love of liberation, their awesome health care, and even more than half of the words in the English vocabulary would find their origins from the French language. And referring to the people of the 6th largest economy of the world because of their awesome traits has already become an noun by itself. It's so cool! It's so chic! C'est très bon! Très magnifique! So French!

I don't know if its because I spent more half of my life growing up outside of Canadian culture that's why it seems more predominant to me, but just observing the social ideals and values that most Canada-born Canadians hold so dear... its amazing to observe that Canada's historical "French-ness" still lingers in even in the most "British" and "American" of Canada-born Canadians.

And why not? I personally think the right-wing American "French" bashing is completely ridiculous and obviously the opinion of the bigoted and uneducated. The stereotypes of French society is probably enough to give them Bible thumpers reason to have a heart attack and the extreme right to call them "neo-socialists".

On a side note... I'm completely amazed at how successful American Cold War propaganda has been... that until now, socialism is still branded as evil... then again, for an economy that depends on profit irregardless of the creation of a socio-economic pyramid where only the small amount of people at the top benefits while being supported by a large group of people at the bottom vs. socialism (wherein the wealth is distributed equally amongst all who works) IS evil, isn't it?

Well... that's a very simplistic way of putting things. But in my personal opinion, I don't think any of the economic models are perfect. Mainly because they're ideals run by human beings who by nature, are easily corrupted by power and greed. So the only way for an economic model to run perfectly is if it is run by a robot...

...thus my bio-engineered custom made android President/Prime Minister/Leader is the way of the future!

My ideal leader, aside from the specs I mentioned in an earlier post , my leader... while in office and because (s)he is representing an entire nation, must renounce political party affiliation, his religion, race, gender and even his family. Essentially, as the representative of his/her nation, (s)he will belong to the people and only to the people. During his/her time in office, the good of the nation will be his/her objective irregardless of his/her own political beliefs and values, if he does practice a religion then he must practice every single religion that his nation practices (or preference to one or other would indicate favouritism), (s)he will not be seen as white, black, brown or any other color, (s)he will not be a man or woman, and his/her family will be his entire nation.

See? That's such an impossible order that such a person can only exist only in fiction, be mechanically built, or perhaps be the embodiment of "God" him/her self.

But that's already straying away from the actual subject matter! After all, I was originally talking about why I would love to be reincarnated as French.

Well, there's no other way to say it... it's simply because well... C'est Français très!

I know... my French really sucks. (But I'm sure it'll get much better after I'm reincarnated as French!)  v(^ o ~) ~ <3


And the time came when pigs finally flu!

So as I was getting ready to go to work this morning, CP24 had a news flash that recent studies showed that people who took the flu vaccine last year was made more succeptible to H1N1 virus. So now, Health Canada is seriously re-evaluating how they're choosing which virus strain to put this year's vaccine as well as the distribution of the H1N1 vaccine.

I know I shouldn't be saying this, as a health professional, but I'm personally not an advocate of annual flu shots. I'm mainly saying this because I'm part of that 10% of that population who got very very sick after getting my first flu shot. (Though much luckier than a colleague of mine who had a really bad reaction to it and ended up being temporarily paralyzed and was hospitalized for almost a month... yes. Pending lawsuit...) I was never sick of anything my entire life save for childhood illnesses. Of course, my first flu shot could have been attributed to just because it was my first flu shot... but it happened again after my second flu shot... and since then, whenever I get sick I noticed that it took longer and longer for me to recover. There was also the fact that I started suffering from allergy symptoms that I never had before.

I'm sure that there were a lot of factors contributing to how I am now, but I'm highly convinced that something in my first exposure to the flu shot that wrecked havoc and confused my immune system. I'm not saying that people shouldn't take the flu shot. It' is after all 80% - 90% effective in protecting you against the flu. It's just unfortunately, I fall in the population which the flu vaccine seems to do more harm than good.

Of course, seeing reports like this only highlights that we really don't know what the heck we're doing to our bodies. So you try to prevent flu viruses of one type... only to make yourself susceptible to another virus. Again, not to belittle the awful things that the H1N1 virus left on its wake... but to be quite honest, most of the damage this virus did to us was caused by the hype that the media gave it than the actual damage done by the virus itself. H1N1 is a nasty little bugger that can kill you... but so can many flu virus strains.

Personally, I think North America has become extremely "sanitized" to the point that its actually a great disadvantage to the population's immune system. My mother came from the generation that if a kid in the house gets the mumps or the chicken pox, you put all the kids together in one room so they all get the mumps or the chicken pox at the same time to build the immune system. I grew up playing outside with dirt and mudpies with skinned knees and elbows from climbing and falling off trees... and scraping off the skin half my face after trying to jump over a fallen tree while running down a hill at full speed only to get my feet caught on the branches and flying face down onto the cement pavement in front of me (that's another story all together...)

My point is... I think being exposed to the elements back in the Philippines built up and strengthened my immune system to whatever mother nature threw at me. I didn't care if I was dirty and gross. Dirt and gross crap are fun to play with. And they get washed away anyway when you take a bath. When I moved to North America, I quickly learned that dirt and gross crap are enemies. I got armed with antibacterial soaps, lysol wipes, sanitizing gels and lost tolerance to all things dirty and smelly (especially myself).

And many years of extremely sanitized living here in North America, I also quickly noticed how much more sicker I seemed to be getting as the years went by. I was eating healthy, probably not getting as much exercise as I wanted, but I am pretty active. I don't smoke, drink in moderation (YES! It's true!)... but got allergies in the spring summer and fall, chronic sinus problems all year round, bronchitis in the winter, and the instances I caught the flu after my flu shots... OMG! I wished someone would just put me out of my misery. It was really puzzling to me. I'm really quite convinced that if I went back to the Philippines now, I've lost all my immune system resistance that I've built up as a child that the heat alone will probably cause my now asthmatic lungs to shrivel up and I will die.

There was actually a study a couple years back, from Australia (I think) about how they found that sewer rats were actually "much more healthier" than lab rats. Healthy in a way that the sewer rats were much more resistant to infections their laboratory-born and bred counterparts.

I think Charles Darwin fella was on to something with this theory of natural survival selection of his. You know, survival of the fittest and all this crap. Those who live life without fear of dirt and grossness will live long and adapt.

The rest of us sissies who constantly put up our lysol anti-bacterial spray shields in our bubbles will be taken down one by one by one-celled organisms that don't even have brains.

That's really pathetic for someone who's supposed to be on the top of the food chain.
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